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The Time Machine

Time Capsule

Where we are today, may not be where we once expected. For me, I thought I would be finishing my last semester of undergrad at a school in the warm weather, not the tundra. But as it goes, everything happens for a reason, and there’s no sense in thinking what could have been, just take pride in where you are now.

We all take pride in where we go, the people we meet, and the memories we make. One person, who was not quick to forget where we came from, as most of us do when we leave home for the first time, came up with the idea of a time capsule for our group of friends from home.

Danielle told me about her idea, and I immediately thought, what the hell would I put in the time capsule. Do I want to make it all high school memories, being that this only involves people I know from high school? Or should it be a mix of high school and college years?

Do I even have physical things to put in anymore? With facebook replacing the ancient photo album, and itunes replacing CD’s and cassette tapes, I’m trying to figure out if it’s cheating if I make mixes, and photo albums. Wouldn’t that be the way I want to remember things, and not necessarily be how things actually were?

Soon people will be making online time capsules—(idea for a business?)

All digs at modern technology aside, I know I want to put in a copy of the bucket list I’ve made for myself, pictures, music, but besides the pop culture aspect of it, what else should I include in the time capsule?

The best part has yet to begin. The party that will take place after we get everyone together, to do the big burying, and the party we have when we dig it back up, however many years down the line, will probably be two days that will stick out in our minds for the rest of our lives.


Play for Haiti

Play for Haiti, February 5th, 2010; a fundraiser at Vintage Bar in White Plains, for relief for the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti.

As all of you know, hundreds of thousands of people are still without food, water, and shelter in Haiti. The nation that was devastated by a massive earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude, and multiple aftershocks that took out homes, schools, and hospitals. We’ve all seen the commercials on TV, the  music specials, and the ads to text Haiti to 90999; but now there’s something you can do to give, and have a great time doing it.

Vintage is hosting “Play for Haiti”, a fundraising event that donates all proceeds to the American Red Cross. Padraig Allen and the McLean Avenue Band will be performing, and for those of you who have never seen Padraig play, it’s an experience that should not be missed! So come have a good time, while doing a good thing. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


The Upside of being on the Downside

I might have one of the lowest immune systems known to man. When I get sick, usually about once every other month, I hit the floor hard. From high fevers that make me hallucinate, to swollen tonsils that make it difficult to eat or drink anything, when I get sick, I’m usually out of commission for about four solid days, and not fully recovered for a week or two.

However, there are some upsides of being under the weather. For instance, I haven’t smoked a cigarette in three days, or had a drink in four (not including hot totties). I get to catch up on TV, reading, and writing. All the sleeping is amazing. And I get to catch events like Apple’s announcement about the new ipad.

Everyone should check out the announcement, Apple should post the speech to itunes/its website later today.


The Buried Life

MTV's The Buried Life

I am not a fan of reality-TV. Anyone who knows me knows that shows like American Idol, Real World, and more recently, Jersey Shore, absolutely piss me the fuck off. Not only can I not stand to watch them even to make fun of them, but when I woke up at 3 p.m. in a Miami hotel to a Jersey Shore marathon, and my friend out of the room without shutting it off, I swore my I.Q. dropped 4 points.

One show however, has me rethinking the concept of reality TV. MTV’s The Buried Life, (I know, its MTV, but every now and then, they come out with something decent to watch), is about four guys who make their own bucket list, made up of 100 things to do before they die. The catch, with everything they cross off their list, they help a stranger cross off something on theirs.


The first episode I saw, was about the guys crashing a wedding (something that’s been on my list since Wilson and Vaughn seemed to set the trend for crashing weddings). However, they took it a step further, by attempting to make a toast at the wedding they crash. In that same episode, they met a man who had not seen his son in 17 years. The only memory of his now college-aged son, is the photograph that he still keeps in his wallet from when his son was two years old.

This got me to thinking about my dad. Those who know our relationship now, would be surprised to hear that we didn’t talk for almost a year, (long story, for a different blog). However, fast-forward a few years and you can find my dad and myself just about every Sunday at a bar down on McLean. I can’t imagine not having that kind of relationship, or worse– not seeing him for 17 years.

TBL, (The Buried Life, and The Bucket List– also another great flick to check out), has inspired me to make my own bucket-list. Maybe not one as long, but definitely made up of things both selfishly entertaining, and selflessly helpful towards others.

If you’ve caught the show, which airs Monday’s at 10 p.m. let me know what you think? Another documentary-gone teen drama, or is MTV actually on to something? If you haven’t, definitely check it out.


That’s How You Do It Son


Look Who Graduated

Graduated early, and somehow her picture was the staple mark of UAlbany Graduating Class of the Fall semester of 2009.


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