My name is Matt. I love music, Jameson, dive bars, and a little pot from time to time. When I’m not jamming, (or drinking) I like to film, edit, take pictures, and read. I’m a senior at a university in upstate New York studying broadcast journalism. While I still don’t have a clue about what I want to do after I graduate, for now it’s just fun to live one day at a time, and hope that all the pieces of my life will miraculously fall in the right place, at the right time.

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July 2017
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Matt’s Tweets

  • One of these days I'll watch Forrest Gump so I know why all these jokes I've been repeating for years get so many laughs. #LtDan #SeatsTaken 7 hours ago
  • @Conasabi Learn something new and useless everyday, thanks! 7 hours ago
  • Am I the only person who doesn't understand why winter has been coming for seven years now? #WhatsGoT? 8 hours ago
  • Weddings and birthdays are done for this week. Time for a much needed detox. 14 hours ago
  • Another weekend, another wedding. Time to celebrate love! 🍾 1 day ago

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