Neart Gra agus Onoir

“You’re such a fucking idiot!” said Jeff. “Tattoos are some of the most addicting things—and you know you’re personality is the most addictive personality… you’re fucked.”


Jeff, (from Binghamton) may have a point there. I got my first ink job done yesterday on what felt like an impulse buy. After waking up and taking Pat to the airport, I thought to myself, if he could get on the plane, then you can get the ink. It’s been so long since I’ve wanted these four Gaelic words on my back, that it almost felt like I was making excuses on why I wasn’t getting it.


So after saying, “Fuck it” to myself, I went to class and decided not to tell anyone where I was going to be at 2:30, (this way if I pussyed-out no one would find out). But as soon as I decided where on my body I wanted it, I started drawing tattoo number two, (so apparently Jeff’s got a point there).


While I was driving this girl home from class, I let it slip that I was about to go down to Lark Tattoo. Having a few tatts herself, she was excited to tag along, and see my tattoo-cherry get popped. After stopping off at my house to pick up the correct spelling, Tommy, my roommate, decided to come also. Well it was a good day for Lark Tattoo, being that 15 minutes into my tat, Tommy decided to get his sidepiece of Minerva done, and Alyssa decided to get a sketch of her next tattoo done.


By the way, for anyone in Albany looking to get some inkage done, I recommend Lark Tattoo! The people are AWESOME. From Ally, who helped me decide on a size, to Kyle, the artist who was payed to use a needle to put thousands of holes in my body, and all the other customers and artists in there, all helped make the experience rad.


At one point Kyle, the tattoo artist (who I’m going to ask to do my next one) said to me, “I wouldn’t be doing what I was doing if I was normal—who wants to be normal?” Right then I knew I was in good hands; funky and down to earth people, with a witty answer for everything, I felt right at home!


Let it be said, that I AM NO ARTIST! Maybe from being wound up all the time, or the high amounts of alcohol, but my hands shake—a lot. Although I can’t draw, I do have a creative mind. I began to sketch out the design for tattoo number two. Won’t go into too much detail, other that right now, it looks like a big guitar on my back/side, going into an Amp on my arm, going into a set of headphones around my neck. Throw in some words, flowers, and musical notes, and voila! Tattoo number two should cost me a pretty-penny.


5 Responses to “Inked”

  1. 1 danielle
    November 21, 2009 at 2:58 am

    ah! i think its great you finally got your tat. and ive got to say it looks amazing across your back. im sure youll get the next one by spring. you wont be able to help yourself lol. i was never one to really care about my grammar or punctuations so ill randomly throw down periods even if they dont belong. and personally i think commas are ugly lol. soo even though i know youd love feedback on your writing i wouldnt be the best person to critique your work. BUT i do think your blog was a great idea. its a nice release and since it was a class requirement it has its challenges with you having to keep good grammar and structure. haha it hasn’t exactly given you a filter tho. not that i expected it to. writing about drugs and alcohol. hahah and porn apparently.

    “ink to paper is thoughtful. ink to flesh is hard core.”

    • November 21, 2009 at 4:12 am

      @danielle, Thanks dude, appreciate any and all feedback. Glad you like the ink. and I love that quote… oh and filter? TRUST ME this is in some way, shape, or form, censored! haha

  2. 3 threewinds
    November 21, 2009 at 4:05 am

    Strength Love and Honor.

    Well done! Looks great, and if you are going to have words be a part of you forever, those are some of the best.


  3. November 22, 2009 at 8:53 am

    The tattoo looks awesome! I got my tat done at lark tattoo, I love the place.

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