A Love Letter? Or Just Something to Make the World Go ‘Round

1653104819_ced1f90d32There’s nothing like a good song. Depending on who you are, and the kind of music you jam out to, the right song can hit your core, shake your soul, and change your mood completely. How many times have you been driving and ‘your song’ comes on the radio? You drive faster don’t you? If you’re like me, or my friend Julianna, you’re not only doubling your speed, but you’re dropping every window (and moon roof) in the car… and if it’s winter, blast the heat.

Music has always been the stabilizer in my life, (that and Jameson). I love checking out underground bands, especially when you hear their track in an ipod commercial in a bar a couple of years later, and your friends don’t believe you cause you’re as usual, half in the bag, (Flathead, By: The Fratellis).

Even more than I enjoy music, I enjoy when other people enjoy the same music. I think that’s why mix-tapes are so personal. A certain friend found out I had just completed two mix-tapes for the same women. Almost as if it was a direct insult to her, she asked me, “Where’s my mix?” What’s funnier, she didn’t want a copy of someone else’s mix, she wanted her own; as if copying a mix was somehow musically cheating on someone.

The mixes are a returned gesture to someone who had just given me a mix last week. It was a great mix. The only complaint I had was that it was safe. Of course it was going to be great, she carefully chose all famous songs that at one time or another, were number one on some hit list. (Incubus, Beck, 311, Weezer, you get the idea).

The mixes I usually make people take so much time, just because I not only want them to like it, I want them to hear stuff they never have. So last night, I got a little distracted, thank you ADD, and for hours I was going through my hard drive of music, checking out online radio sites, and the all-time favorite EQX Albany Radio 102.7 FM, and I came up with a list of 38 songs I felt this lady had to have. (I know she shares a love of music, so gotta raise the bar).

But here’s my question. When you get a mix, are you listening to the words for some hidden message that the maker of the mix didn’t (but secretly did) want you to get from them? Do the song’s meanings make it a good/bad or better/worse mix? If the songs are love songs, party songs, breakup songs—can’t a breakup song go on a love mix if it’s got the best guitar riff on the album? Are mix-tapes the ultimate love letter? What is it about something so universal like music, that makes everyone want it to be personalized, and tweaked, rearranged, and specifically just for them? And that’s the food for thought for today. Now ready your ipod, or turn on the radio, and start the jam session. Life’s too short to not dance through, right?

Oh, and I don’t believe in musically cheating… If you want a copy of any mix, just let me know. This one’s got some old school Kings of Leon, lot of indie alternative, and some funky dance stuff.


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